April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes

Draft Constitution for Review

These are the proposed changes to the constitution. The bylaws document is new.



Repeater Info and User Agreement

Info on using the WØUK repeater is available there. We’ve added a user agreement that all users are expected to abide by.

Subscribe to the mailing list

Especially if your a DCARC member, subscribe to the mailing list:
Send an email to the list to subscribe.

The list is low traffic and provides up to date info on club-related activities.

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday evening, 7PM, Flory Meeting Hall, Douglas County Fairgrounds.


  1. Field Day planning

Saturday License Testing Results

Ten people tested, all received a new or upgraded license.

5 new Technicians, 4 new Generals, and 1 new Extra

February Minutes

April 6, Review and testing session

Review and testing session at the library. Optional review starts at 9AM, testing starts at 3PM. Meeting room B, Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 66044

Open to the public, email info@w0uk.com for more info or to register.

Check the club calendar.

Operating at Dad Perry Park

We had at least 15 attendees for our operating event at Dad Perry Park.

  • Dean Dulap, KE0FFA
  • Bill Wachspress, K0BTY
  • Jim Cessna, AC0KN
  • Phil Anderson, W0XI
  • Dave Klamet, W0FEY
  • Stephen Klamet, KE0TMA
  • Kevin Oneslager, KS0EGL
  • Bob Drake, N0TFU
  • John Harris, N6U0P
  • Jerry Hoke, WA0HVU
  • Chris Jones, W0XZ
  • Genevieve, Heather, and Lori Cessna

Photos from Dad Perry Park