This is/was a prototype for the W0UK site

The site is, as you can see, now live.  Please send me or contribute your ideas, images, etc. to me.

I am looking for fonts with the slashed zero.

Ideas, photos, etc can be sent  via the mailing list. The plan is that this will appear at at some point in the future.

Here is a link to a copy of the original site.

7 responses to “This is/was a prototype for the W0UK site

  1. Hey…..I’m getting the new site for W0UK now.


  2. Layout is nice…however, there needs to be a link called “how to get started” with information for those who are interested in becoming a HAM operateor.

  3. Slashed zero fonts: Andalus, Arial, Comic Sans, Georgia, Palatino, Times, Verdana.

    The layout is nice! Need a link for “how to get started” with info and recommendations on how to become a HAM operator…needs to be front and center and clearly marked…like a link at the top of the page.

  4. Zach Davis KE0JRW

    Here is a good site with some fonts for download that have a slashed zero and they also have a morse code font.

  5. You can get slashed zeroes to work on a PC by using those fonts. I’m looking sy to how to get them to display on web pages within wordpress.

  6. Christopher Jones

    Testing a slashed zero: Ø

  7. Christopher Jones

    Such as: WØUK

    Just type this in place of the zero, without spaces between
    the characters:

    & # 2 1 6 ;

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