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I’ve had the link in the “Links” section for a while, but thought I would post it here for good measure:

Reddit is a popular internet site and it has it’s share of silly stuff, but there are good things, too. This section is only one small part.

Highly recommended, especially if you want to see younger people involved in the hobby.

Dave K.

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  1. Hey…………..for those showing interest in CW work in the spring,
    you can get a self head-start by downloading the following app for your APPLE iPHONE, Ham Morse.

    The apple Ham Morse app has the following features:
    sending random letters/numbers, sending random calls, sending random words, from 5 wpm up to 50.

    If you are really interested in learning CW for contacts………learn the letters first and then words and then call signs.

    To begin to listen to small words and callsigns, start by listening and copying down the first two letters of the word or callsign. Simply ignore the rest of the word or callsign to start. Once you are good at copying the first two letters of a word or callsign, then try full callsigns, listening for the first two letters and writing them down…………..then with practice you’ll simply hear the remainder of the call sign too with practice.

    I’m currently using an Apple 6 for practice and am good at between 20 and 30, on good days 30 wpm. On cw contests, average WPM seems to be at or about 20 to 25 wpm.

    Once you can copy two letters (and write them down) at a given speed, you’ll be on your way to copying basic QSOs consisting of call sign, 5NN and state designation. Just practive 20 minutes a day or more.

    More later.

  2. Oh, forgot…………….in practicing code start at a minimum of 13 to 15 words per minute. If you start at 5 wpm, then you’ll have to learn all over again at 15!

    However, once you’ve learned to letters at 13 to 15, you’ll easily be able to copy a station running at 5 to 10 wpm.

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