DCARC January Newsletter


By Dave Klamet

Well, to recap the 2020 year in two words – ZOOM and PANDEMIC. The 2020 year started off normally, but by March our world was turned upside down with a fast spreading virus call COVID-19. Our normal is now wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, and washing our hands. Several vaccines are being produced and distributed hastening the end of the pandemic.

Our group uses ZOOM. We all look forward to getting back into Flory and meeting face-to-face perhaps in the summer or fall time frame after the rank and file have been vaccinated and formed some immunity. We will continue to use ZOOM in conjunction with our physical meetings, so those who cannot physically attend the Flory meeting, may attend via ZOOM.

The nomination and election of 2021 officers went smoothly. I was reelected as President, Kevin Augustus was elected as Vice President, John Harris was elected as Treasurer, and Ken Kopp was elected as Secretary.

A few changes were made to the Constitution and By-Laws. These changes included 1.) Removing the Co-Treasurer and adding President and Vice-President to the bank’s signature card for our account, 2.) Responsibilities for Vice President and Activities Manager were separated, and 3.) The position description for the Emergency Coordinator was refined.

Investigation into changing our Tax Status to a 501-c-3 club, is underway by Dean Dunlap. Dean has presented the Executive Committee with a preliminary synopsis of processes and costs. Additional aspects of the 501-c-3 status are continuing to be researched.

Plans for hosting 2021 Hamfest and Kansas State Convention are still on the back burner. We are hoping to hold our Hamfest in August-September timeframe. We’re also hoping to have the $1,000.00 building fee waived. Discussions for waiver and building reservations are pending pandemic levels and immunity.

The club has now fully transitioned to “Groups.io” from “Yahoo groups.” We use groups.io for our club’s mailing list. If you have not done so, please go to our website (w0uk.com) and at the top of the home page, you’ll see “W0UK MAILING LIST”. Click on it and it will take you through the information necessary to get on our club’s mailing list.

DCARC Announces exploration of Structural Change – Articles of Incorporation and Federal Tax Exempt Status

By Dean Dunlap

David Klamet, President of DCARC, has asked for the exploration of the adoption of articles of incorporation and structure for the Douglas County Amateur Radio Club.  In on-line meetings, DCARC Membership have discussed the need for incorporation under the laws of the State of Kansas and formation of structure to satisfy the requirements of Federal Revenue Tax Exempt status under the 501(c) Section of the Federal Tax Code.  DCARC has been exploring both the (c)3 and (c)7 structures (There are roughly 16 variations of the Tax-Exempt Organizations under the current Federal Rules).  We received input from Membership of the Santa Fe Trail Radio Club in Olathe as to their experiences and selection of organization.

The main advantages to formalizing our organization is; 1.) Liability Protection for Membership and Officers during operations and events, and 2.) Tax-Exempt Status for donations and income of the organization.  To attain and maintain either of these levels, comes at a cost and commitment.   The questions to be answered in the first part of the coming year is; 1.) What are the steps and associated costs to file the applications in both state and federal agencies?, and 2.) What is required on an annual basis to maintain that status? Officers of DCARC will evaluate the information collected and will put their recommendation to a vote of membership.

Toward this effort, if any Amateur Operator is or knows of a licensed attorney in the State of Kansas that can advise or assist in this effort, please forward that name to David Klamet or Jim Cessna.


HAM CLASSES: YouTube Amateur Radio classes

The Technician Class is the first of three ham radio licenses. It is the entry to ham radio. Each course follows the ARRL License manual and it is structured to provide an understanding of the subject matter.

“Studying for your Ham Radio License

The Technician License is the gateway to amateur radio. And it’s within your reach—easily! Watch this short video to learn how. It tells you what self-study book to buy, where to get it, how to study it, and takes you through the introductory chapter.” — From Dave’s YouTube link.

Each level of ham classes are on YouTube and presented by Dave Casler KE0OG. Go to this link to begin.  Technician Class Ham License – On-Line Help for Your Self Study | Ham Radio Answers (dcasler.com)

Test Sessions

By Ken Kopp and Bob Drake

In 2020, the DCARC held 2 ARRL VEC license test sessions.

On Jan. 4 we tested 13 people at the Lawrence Library.  The test session resulted in creating 6 new Technician licenses, 4 new General licenses, and 1 new Extra class license.

We were planning to have a test session during Field Day in June, but the Covid-19 virus caused the public Field Day activities to be cancelled and a test session wasn’t held.

Ken Kopp arranged an outdoor test session July 11, 2020.  We had one candidate who attended and earned his Technician license. We also had a test session on Nov. 14, 2020.  Ken was able to print the computer generated tests and other documents needed and then file the paperwork online so that there was minimal handling of the testing materials.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to keep everyone socially distant, the DCARC will plan to hold ARRL VEC test sessions on an “as needed” basis using outdoor venues if possible.

Anyone wanting to take a test should contact the DCARC (PO BOX 1404
Lawrence, Ks. 66044); or Bob Drake, N0TFU, (rdrake@ku.edu), 785-842.4961,); or Ken Kopp, AK0A, radiojunkie@gmail.com, 785-260-5381.



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