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Meeting tonight, 11-13-2019, Flory Meeting Hall

Agenda for tonight’s meeting:




Repeater user Agreement

The Douglas County Amateur Radio Club operates a 2M repeater for use by any licensed amateur.  Users must comply with the rules listed in the W0UK Repeater User Agreement 14Aug2019.

Information about the repeater is available at




Draft Constitution for Review

These are the proposed changes to the constitution. The bylaws document is new.



About Amateur Radio

I’ve added this page to the list of links. A summary of why Amateur Radio is important, especially given the events of the last few days.

About Amateur Radio


Field Day planning

Field Day 2019

Field Day Flyer

Just some Field Day notes.

Just some highlights of what we’re planning to do this year. Your input is welcome.

We’re planning on 3 stations, plus the GOTA station. We haven’t had much participation on the GOTA station, but we’re trying to get the word out. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

A few of us will be there overnight on Friday. We plan to experiment to see if we can get more than 3 stations to work with minimal interference. If we can, we might be 4A.

Ken and I have some solar panels, chargers, batteries,  and inverters.

There’ll be a sign up sheet for dishes to bring to the Saturday evening dinner at the next meeting.

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes

Repeater Info and User Agreement

Info on using the WØUK repeater is available there. We’ve added a user agreement that all users are expected to abide by.

Subscribe to the mailing list

Especially if your a DCARC member, subscribe to the mailing list:
Send an email to the list to subscribe.

The list is low traffic and provides up to date info on club-related activities.

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday evening, 7PM, Flory Meeting Hall, Douglas County Fairgrounds.


  1. Field Day planning

Saturday License Testing Results

Ten people tested, all received a new or upgraded license.

5 new Technicians, 4 new Generals, and 1 new Extra