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February General Meeting

The February meeting will be at the Flory Meeting Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

7PM: Meeting and presentation
8PM: Breakout groups

Info and directions

Digital meeting info from Brandon

As a follow up from the digital meeting, some of the things that came up were:
Voice of America Radiogram transmissions for receiving some digital bulletins in different modes

WSPRnet for monitoring wspr stations

PSK Reporter for monitoring a large variety of automated station spots. It is not mode specific like wspr net and has postings from many other digital modes.

WSJT suite homepage

Would it be possible to add these to the links page on the website?

We have another lunch planned for Friday at noon if more are interested and available.

Monthly meeting, Feb 8th

The monthly meeting is at 7PM on Wednesday, Feb 8 at the Meeting Hall (west side) at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Ken Filardo will be doing a presentation on LED’s, including high power (100W)  LED’s.


December meeting and Christmas dinner

We will have our Christmas dinner at the December meeting (Dec 14th), 7PM at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  RSVP by sending a message on the email  list (menu bar at the top of this page).

Please consider bringing a donation for Toys for Tots–a new un-opened toy.

Donations will also be collected for the Lawrence Humane Society (food, other supplies, or money).



mtg nov 9th

our nov mtg will be in the new meeting hall at the douglas county fairgrounds at 7pm phill will give a presintation on psk31

Monthly meeting: Douglas County Fairgrounds

7PM, Wednesday, October 12

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building 21: Map

Monthly Meeting tonight Sept 14, 2016, Douglas Cty. Fairgronds Building 21

congrats to all the new hams,hope you can come to our next mtg?

Here is the list of new Technicians from the class at the Library that we conducted the last couple of weekends:

KE0JRV Nathan Burghart
KE0JRW Zachariah Davis
KE0JRX Nick Kennedy
KE0JRY Jay Kennedy
KE0JRZ Eric Dallman
KE0JSA Marisa Dallman
KE0JSB Hiromi “Romi” Morikawa, YL of Craig Paul, k0ous
KE0JSC Karen Manza Thompson
KE0JSD Nobuyuki “Nobu” Tsuchiya
KE0JSE Melinda Hammond
KE0JSF Stacia Wohlford

Please, welcome them and help them get started in the hobby.

where to go to become a ham

our next two club mtg’s will be at Ken&Virginia’s in Eudora

Clarification on directions:
From K-10 Eudora:
Driveway is about 2 miles south of K-10 Church Street / DG1061 interchange (2 mi from the westbound exit, 1.9 mi from the eastbound exit)
After crossing 1200 road, there will be open fields on both sides, then a group 4 houses on the left (East) side of the road – it’s the third one.
The meeting will be in the “barn” north of the house. Handicap parking is in drive between the barn and house, overflow parking is on the grass north of driveway.

If arriving from the south on DG1061:
It is the second driveway on the right after crossing 1100 road.
Note: DG458 / N1000 rd. between E1600 and E1700 roads is now closed for bridge replacement. Check you map for alternate routes from south of Lawrence.

Virginia KD0LFH