our next two club mtg’s will be at Ken&Virginia’s in Eudora

Clarification on directions:
From K-10 Eudora:
Driveway is about 2 miles south of K-10 Church Street / DG1061 interchange (2 mi from the westbound exit, 1.9 mi from the eastbound exit)
After crossing 1200 road, there will be open fields on both sides, then a group 4 houses on the left (East) side of the road – it’s the third one.
The meeting will be in the “barn” north of the house. Handicap parking is in drive between the barn and house, overflow parking is on the grass north of driveway.

If arriving from the south on DG1061:
It is the second driveway on the right after crossing 1100 road.
Note: DG458 / N1000 rd. between E1600 and E1700 roads is now closed for bridge replacement. Check you map for alternate routes from south of Lawrence.

Virginia KD0LFH

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