Reminder: General meeting tomorrow night, 7PM

Flory Meeting Hall, Douglas County Fairgrounds

Results of testing session at the library on Oct 27th:

3 Technicians
1 General
1 Amateur Extra

License preparation and testing session, Oct. 27th.

Phil Anderson will lead a license preparation session on Saturday, Oct. 27th. from 9AM-3PM. A testing session will follow from 3-5PM

No cost for prep session.
Amateur Radio license test is $15 (can test for as multiple license levels at no additional cost).

Location: Lawrence Public Library, Meeting room C (downstairs)

To sign up, send email to


Direction finding presentation (from 10-10-18)

Here are the slides from Tom Wheeler’s (N0GSG) direction finding presentation last week.
(Pictures to follow).

radio direction finding introduction 10-10-2018

Nowhere, Ks

Saturday, Oct 13th.


September 2018 Meeting Minutes

2018-8-8 August DCARC Minutes 1 of 2

2018-8-8 August DCARC Minutes 2 of 2


October Meeting, Chili Cookoff

The October general meeting will be at the Flory Meeting Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

October 10, 2018:
6:30 pm Chili cookoff/supper

7PM: Meeting


Radio Direction Finding

Tom, NøGSG
Bill, WøCBW

The repeater is back!

The DCARC repeater (147.76-) antenna is now at the 200′ level, its normal operating height.  The antenna had been temporarily located on top of the equipment building. Now it’s performance is greatly improved.

Post any reception reports, questions, or problems here.

Thanks to Skyler, John, Ken, and anyone else I should mention for making this happen.

Here’s a list of area repeaters.

Presentation on Antenna’s and baluns at tonight’s meeting. (9/12/2018)

Documents for tonight’s presentation on antenna and dipole construction.

Balun Construction

Dipole Antenna

September meeting, (9/12/2018)

The September general meeting will be at the Flory Meeting Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

I’ll have a report on my discussions with the library about collaborating with them.

Sept 12, 2018:
7PM: Meeting and presentation

After the meeting, there will be presentation by Ken Filardo on antennas and baluns.

Amateur Radio on Reddit

The links page was broken. I fixed that and added an interesting new link.

Reddit ( is a popular resource on the web. It is split into “subreddits” which are basically special interest groups. There is an active Amateur Radio subreddit that I think is worth checking out.