We had a super NOWHERE outing near Norwood, KS, south and east of Lawrence, Ks, aproximately 18 miles.

If you worked us for this special event and wish a certificate, please sent in your request along with an SASE and return envelope to PO BOX 3636, Lawrence, KS, 66046.

We used Bob's Delta Loop, looped to the top of a tall tree by Bud with his slingshot. As noted in the pictures below, the VSWR was low,since the loop was fed at the middle of the horizontal bottom section. The loop is one continuous piece of wire. Note that the VSWR was a minium for 20-meters. This is achieved by making the total length of the wire loop equal to 1032/freq [MHz].

We didn't measure the height from the bottom of the loop where the coax feed was attached; but, the match was good in that the YEASU 450D showed a VSWR of about 1.1 at the bottom of the General portion of the SSB section of the 20-meter band, our frequency of operation.

The two plots were generated with the EXNEC program. The dimensions entered for the sections of the loop were 24.48 feet for each diagonal section (2 and 3) and 12.2 for each horizontal section. This approximated Bob's loop length. The simulated loop was set for the bottom section to be elevated 8 feet from the ground.

FD 2014: DCARC. The SSB station is in the tent and the beam is atop the Wells Overlook Tower. As you can see, the beam heading is nearly true south. The beam seems to like picking up signals to the east and west?


Bob and Phil operated in the CW tent. Phil is shown logging a CW contact. The CW station used a slopper and a vertical; an LDG tuner is shown at left, FT-450D transciever at center; power supply at right and FD logging laptop at bottom right.


Fred is shown calling CQ FD in the SSB tent. Don is logging.


Norm and Bill are working the SSB station in the tent.


Bill and son are working the SSB station.


beam on tower FD 2013: We have traditionally held Field Day at Wells Overlook, south of Lawrence. As you can see from the walk-up tower picture, the site overlooks the Kaw River valley. For 2013 we had CW and SSB stations plus a GOTO station. Setup was Saturday morning with contacts starting at 1PM. The club provided lunch and dinner. The CW station was set about 100 feet south of the picnic site, featuring a battery-run CW setup with YEASU FT450-D, Begali paddles and a single 20-meter home-brew vertical with guys. The SSB station has traditionally been housed in a tent under the walk-up tower with the beam at the top of the steps.


beam on tower

beam on tower NOWHERE, KANSAS EXPEDITION The half-day trip to Nowhere, KS has been an ongoing activity of the DCARC for several years now. Eight members traveled this year (2013) on Saturday, Oct 12th. A station was set up and 55 contacts were made, including these states: AZ, CA, FL, GA, ID, KY, MD, MI, NC, ND, NM, NV, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI. Bill, KC├śNFL provided this list. We'll post additional pictures and info as they arrive.

" NOWHERE EVENT" WAS HELD OCT 12TH; If you worked us, send a request for certificate including SASE to XTAL, Box 3636, Lawrence, KS 66049.

beam on towerPictures (by Bud) of the August Meeting:

1) Mark and Linda cooking burgers and brats!

2)We're all looking at the paper-tape music machine, circa? Ken had it running; what a neat sound!

beam on tower3) Here we're all listening the the program on the Goat Gland Doctor while sitting in Ken and Virginia "large" home theater in the barn! Way cool.